2" Koshin PX-65011 Submersible Pump 4110GPH (68.5gpm)


SKU: PX65011

Koshin electric submersible water transfer pump with 3/4" - 2" discharge

Model: Submersible flood / emergency sump pump

Power Source: 110 / 115 Volt Electric (standard 3 prong plug) - 6.4Amps

Float Switch: No

Port Sizes: 2" Inch

Water Flow: 4110 Gal/Hr  (68.5 GPM /  259.3 Liter per minute)

Max Submersible Depth: 15' Feet

Total Lift: 32.8' Feet Total Delivery Height

Solids: Clear Water Only

Pump Material: Plastic housing

Unique design permits either vertical or horizontal discharge. Impeller and casing are manufactured from a blended rubber compound providing maximum wear resistance, up to three times over cast iron.

Water is channeled through the outer wall to cool the motor for maximum endurance.
It is compact, light-weight, easy to carry and handle.

With double mechanical seal for the shaft, and the SIC at bottom, the shaft hardly wears out and can be used over a long period of time.

The cord is of uni-body construction ensuring excellent water tightness.

The built-in thermal protector turns off the power supply in case of overload.